In the past ten years there has been an explosion in the amount of information needed to manage premier vineyards. It can be overwhelming to have to consider all the elements such as clones, rootstocks, trellis systems, spacing, weather data, petiole and soil samples, fertilizers, nutrient sprays, pressure bomb readings, pesticides, maturity tracking, and harvest results.
Data is completely secure and safe-no one can access it without permission of client. Data can be input directly from the field via a web browser or from third party consultants. Any staff or management employees can be given access to the information they need.
VineInfo uses tools such as irrigation management and scheduling, pesticide work orders and governmental reporting, fertilizer, cover crop, and soil amendment work orders, and crop forecasting to give you the information you need. When decisions are made, a work order is created for use not just this year, but stored electronically for subsequent years.
VineInfo's schedules, reports, and work orders can be downloaded to Excel or Adobe PDFs and printed or e-mailed to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Wineries and growers can truly reap the economic benefits of better decision-making throughout the entire growing season, reducing the number of mistakes and "do it overs" that eat up your profits.
VineInfo helps collect and manage all of this critical viticultural data. Forget keeping paper files, VineInfo provides an electronic "filing system". All you need is a computer and access to the Internet.
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